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This means that Bond ‘tipped’ the dealer with a worthless tournament chip. Something that the dealer would probably consider an insult. So the weirdest thing about the poker in Casino Royale is the fact that Bond either doesn’t understand poker chips, or purposefully insults the dealer at the end of a very long shift. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: James Bond: Casino Royale ...

Casino Royale High Stakes set poker - 007 Museum Casino Royale introduces James Bond before he holds his license to kill. But Bond is, Poker Hands from poorest to strongest hand) Texas Hold'em Rules . James Bond and Casino in movies - 007 Museum CommanderBond.net reports that the centerpiece card game in the 21st ... In the 21st James Bond film Casino Royale Baccarat is replaced by no-limit Texas ... Two hands are dealt by the house dealer, the "banker" hand and the "player" hand. The Five Worst Poker Scenes in Cinema | Casino Parties

The Rules of Poker Friday, May 18th, 2012 Before you head off to the Casino Royale for a high stakes game of Texas Hold’em Poker, you’ll need to know a few of the basics of poker, including the object of the game, and the principles of betting and folding.

Not Mine - James Bond: Casino Royale with Limited Edition ... It included the sample chips, square dealer button, and cut cards. I found this Casino Royale limited edition DVD Set on Amazon and thought it would go well with the sample set. The Cards in this set below are made by Carte Mundi. They only give one sample chip which is from the mass produced Casino Royale set and not the one that was custom made. The unwritten rules of live poker games | Bond Lifestyle There are certain rules and ideas adhered to that, while unstated, are accepted by everyone at the table. Even though you seldom have to dress up and be as classy as James Bond, there are certain rules of etiquette that you need to be aware of before you take a seat at a texas hold em poker table. Tipping the Dealer Casino Royale High Stakes set poker - 007 MUSEUM Texas Hold’em Rules.From Ian Flemings Casino Royale casino_royale_high_stakes1.pdf casino_royale_high_stakes2.pdf: Casino Royale introduces James Bond before he holds his license to kill. But Bond is no less dangerous, and with two professional assassinations in quick succession, he is elevated to '00' status.

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BondMovies.com goes through the game scene by scene here, explaining how Bond ultimately won the game despite Le Chiffre's faked bluff, however improbable. And if you wish to know exactly how improbable Bond's victory was, casino-games-online.biz explains his odds of winning at the beginning and during the course of play, here.

Casino Royale James Bond Poker Hand. Casino Royale James Bond Poker Hand -- Info!. Casino Royale James Bond Poker Hand. ! Casino Royale James Bond Poker Hand !.

Casino Royale Poker Game Parodies refers to photoshops and jokes imagining James Bond villain Le Chiffre playing Bond in games other than poker in the film Casino Royale. The jokes spread primarily on 4chan's /tv/ board and are usually accompanied with a caption of a fake quote where Le Chiffre explains how he has triumphed over Bond depending on the game's rules. James Bond Roulette Strategy - Can It Help You Win?

Matt Spaiser is a graphic designer located in New York. After years of research, he founded The Suits of James Bond in 2010, creating the ultimate resource for James Bond style and the first catalogue of all of 007’s outfits. If you have any questions about James Bond’s clothing feel free to contact Matt.

First EON Productions James Bond movie not to feature "Q" since Live and Let Die (1973). First Bond movie to feature a Casino Royale casino building since the unofficial Never Say Never Again (1983), and the first to have a noticeably different opening gun barrel sequence (the graphics of the gun barrel view are markedly different). James Bond Poker Play in "Casino Royale" 2006 - Poker ... Yup, Bond was a victim of the old fake tell trick. I think he pretty much lucked out winning the thing afterward with the re-buy, as Bond is wont to do. In the outstanding movie House of Games there was a game with a double fake tell. At least that was my interpretation. Fake tell, If you can't do that in a live poker game then you ain't jackall. How to Throw the Ultimate James Bond Casino Royale Themed ...

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